A triad is an assembly of three highly interlinked elements. Simple and complex, this definition includes as elements stages, projects and people.

In everyday life our thinking is usually organized so triadic- and so is common to speak of beginning, development and end; pro, against and decision; etc.-, We not always know what the missing element between what we are and have and what we want to be and have.

From this approach; every company, individual and organization that are looking for specific results or integral development can trust our service consulting and coaching. Our job will be to build the bridge from the present circumstantial who are going to that future who are choosing and find it superador.

Attending from Ontological Coaching as the main approach, Tríades – Coaching and Integral Development is composed of an interdisciplinary team capable of meeting the particular needs of each client and facilitate learning to achieve results of value and sustainable development.

What is the Ontological Coaching?

The Argentina Association of Professional Ontological Coaching (AACOP) Define the ontological coaching as a profession committed to the expansion of personal, organizational and social potential, based on the ontological learning within a constructivist mounting and a systemic perspective.

The ontological approach (Greek óntos: ‘be’ / lógos: ‘science’) It’s especially valuable for generating a mental shift to new perspectives, thus favoring new behaviors and new ways of relating.

The constructivist model positions the coachee/client as an active participant in the learning process and as responsible for building - and - rebuilding - their reality, based on a dynamic balance between action and reflection. The systemic perspective is manifested based on the coach promotes integration; promotes appreciation of diversity and works for the preparation of a Be and Do collective starting from individual perceptions of the coachee/client.

To contact a professional Coaching is an optimal choice, both personal and organizational when what is looked for is to expand the capacity for action and produce significant results and superseders.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is favorable for whom a strong professional and job growth are proposed.

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In Company Training

Numerous studies show that acquire technical knowledge is no longer enough...

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Organizational Development

Organizational Development from a systemic approach search improve the overall effectiveness of the company.

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María Cecilia Ortiz

Senior Professional Ontological Coach
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Emanuel R. Molina

Professional Ontological Coach
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